Design & Drawing

At QCS you are at the right place for all your draughtsmanship. With the program “MasterShip” we are able to support the complete project from the linesplans until the “Cutting Files”. We have the possibility to make complete 3-dimensional design of your hull’s for necessary presentations or to create a clearer view for the customer.img

Also for digitalising your handmade construction drawings, from paper to AutoCAD, you can contact QCS. In mutual agreement with the customer these drawings can be put in AutoCAD completely to your wishes and when necessary adjusted.img

imgWhen you need something drawn quickly you are also at the right address by QCS. Small or larger adjustments that occur during the construction of a hull must often be clarified by means of a construction drawing. These construction drawings can be easily made and adjusted by QCS during the inspection period of a hull, without having to call in an extra construction or design agency.img