Painting Inspections

imgDuring the construction of a body we emphatically pay attention to the fact that all weldings and possible damages are provided with the concerning shopprimer as soon as possible, to prevent any form of rust on the body. When the first layer of paint is applied, the thickness of this layer will be measured, only after this the second layer can be applied.img

One of the activities of QCS is the inspection of the painting scheme. Before painting is allowed we must be sure that all plates are provided with a testing certificate of a Classification Agency. Also all plates must be sandblasted and shopprimed before they can be used as construction plates in the body.img

When the painting is completely finished, QCS will check all paint thicknesses and compare them with the values in the painting scheme.We will also check if the paint is applied smooth at every position and if there are no damages or accumulation of the paint. Else they need to be roughed and newly painted.img